Remote Monitoring and Notification - We know before you know!

24x7x365 Remote Monitoring & Notification Option Available

This service is a wireless monitoring device installed inside of your liquid-cooled generator’s enclosure. Every time that your generator exercises or is activated due to a power outage we are sent a signal and provides to us the details on tens of monitoring points for your generator. So, in the event that an issue is developing or has developed with your generator we are immediately notified and can proactively respond.

Low oil, bad battery, or other item that may prevent your automatic standby generator from doing its job – protecting you and your property!

100% Turnkey

This is a 100% turnkey solution for which we provide:

- the wireless device

- the wireless service

- the billing

All single source from the company your trusted to install and maintain your automatic standby generator investment.


It is PROACTIVE! The advantage to this service is that it will allow us to PROACTIVELY respond to trouble issues that develop with your generator, which will help to ensure that your generator is available to you 100% of the time.

NO MOREDISPATCH FEES! Additionally, for our Remote Monitoring and Notification clients, if we dispatch to perform repair work on your generator due to a remote alarm we will WAIVE our customary $125.00 Dispatch Fee.