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Do you own a commercial building?

During the summer your air conditioners are working overtime. So is everyone else's. It's at times like these the demand exceeds the supply.

Load Response - The utilities usually start with brownouts and sometimes even resort to blackouts to keep the electric grid from getting overloaded. When your business owns a generator, the utility company will pay you for running your generator and not using their electric power during these times.

What happens when the power goes out and you have a building full of employees?

They can’t work - at least not efficiently. Your firm is paying your employees to not work!  So, how much does it cost your business when your facility came to a halt because of a power outage?

Are your computer systems backed up?

Most businesses have UPS systems that keep computers from improperly shutting down during power problems. How long do those backup systems last? When the power outage lasts longer than the capacity of your UPS, your computers will go down!

At the first hint of a power problem, outage or brownout, a sensor activates your generator and starts providing power to your facility. Your computer systems will stay up and running, the phones will work and your employees will still be productive.

With an automatic standby generator, your Still In Business! Your customers are happy! You’re still making a profit!


Images of several Commerical Liquid Cooled automatic standby generators that illustrate the transfer switch installation and the generator.

Our qualified technicians do a complete installation of all electrical and plumbing components for a 100% reliable business critical solution that keeps our commercial clients' businesses running during any type of power interuption.